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I love my vendors. You make my life easier. You provide excellent products and services and make me look like a rock star for referring you. Not only that, but you bring me clients and allow me to thrive in a business that I love. This year, I want to do something extra special for you. Sign up for the referral incentive program and reep the benefits!

Make More Money
Every time someone that you referred books a package, you will get a $100 check in the mail once their retainer fee has been paid.

Provide Value to your Clients
Every client that you refer will get $100 off any package.

Look Like a Rock Star Too
I am an event planning and designing guru. I love what I do! I always aim to exceed, not only my clients' expectations, but my vendor partners', as well. I will do what I can to make your job easier, wow you with my inventive designs and put you in awe of my planning and organizational prowess. I understand that my work is a reflection of not only myself, but of you as well, and I treat every wedding and special event as if it were my own. Your clients will be so happy with your referral, that we will both be getting a lifetime of referrals from them!

Win a Spa Day
The individual with the most referrals at the end of the year will receive a well-deserved spa day on me to help them recoup and regenerate from a busy wedding season.

Referral Incentive Program