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"Megan is the BEST! I cannot say enough about how amazing she is. She made our very special day better than we could have hoped for! I was really overwhelmed with all the planning that goes into a wedding and she helped me so much that it actually ended up being an enjoyable experience rather than a very overwhelming one. The Parlour is absolutely beautiful and would be the perfect place for a bridesmaids lunch or a great place to get ready (hair and makeup done) before the big day."
-Kristine L.

"Megan Clark is a bride's dream come true!! I had no idea what to expect when planning my wedding, but I will say that in hindsight I couldn't have done it without her. First and foremost, she knows the business. She knows all of the details that need to be addressed and is very insightful about vendors, ideas, etc. She sets the bar high, so if you are looking for someone to make your day all that it can and should be GO WITH MEGAN!!"
-Lauren D.

"The Parlour is this really romantic, cool "boutique" for brides that can provide you with or steer you in the direction you need to go. It's a very interesting concept and as a mother of a just married bride, a truly necessary one. However, The Parlour would be just another shop without Megan Clark. She is an absolute wonder. Completely professional, absolutely delightful, generous with knowledge, time, information (with which she is seemingly infinitely filled), she knows everyone in the wedding/event industry, is very creative and has awesome ideas, and has an energy level that makes that ridiculous bunny appear to be in a coma. Seriously can't say enough about her. Except that without her and her beautiful "Parlour", my daughter's wedding wouldn't have been as beautiful and perfect as it turned out to be. I wish Megan and The Parlour great success!"
-Toni K.

Megan is SUCH a joy to work with and made my wedding planning and day go so smoothly!! She never made me feel like I was a bother with all my silly questions and she had great advice for every question/issue that came about as my wedding approached. If you want your event to run smoothly and beautifully, Megan is your girl :) She is AMAZING!!!
-Beth S.

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